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January 31
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This was a normal week for you. On Monday, you had caught your hand in your wheel, on Tuesday, you had rolled backwards down a hill, and now your wheels are stuck in a hole. You were just taking a stroll outside after it had rained and never noticed the small hole that filled itself with mud just outside your neighborhood. You still weren’t used to your wheelchair, even though you’ve had it for a while. You haven’t been paralyzed your whole life, of course, but it felt like is has been.


It’s kind of ironic, because before your accident, you had to spend everyday encouraging Tavros, telling him that just because he was in a wheelchair didn’t mean he had to feel different from everyone else. Equius had made a pair of new legs for him, and he had them fitted a day or two before. However, Equius misheard his request when making the length, because he made them a foot or two shorter than he was before, and not taller. You told him that not many people saw him before he was on a wheel chair, but that only made things worse. So before your accident, you took him out to clear his mind. That was when he confessed his feelings for you, and he became your matesprit. He was acting nervous at first, like he was going to hurt you in some way, but you reassured him that he could never do something like that, and he calmed down. So to prove that he couldn’t hurt you, you made him punch you in the arm, which eventually led to a mini wrestling match at his house. All of that changed him, and he completely opened up to you. So now every time he has a problem, he goes to you for it before anyone else. He still complains about his legs, because his best friend is taller than him. But you know better than anyone else that Gamzee is taller than almost everyone, but Tavros doesn’t seem to want to listen. So every time he complains about his legs, you take him out to different places to clear his mind. You both agree it’s a little cheesy, but neither of you can think of any better solution for it. And every time he does, he becomes more open to you, and you become closer. He started complaining less and less, but there still were those times he’d fake it just to get you to take him somewhere. You never questioned him because it was fun for you too, and you didn’t want to say no in case he was actually being serious. You know he was getting them fixed soon, and whenever he goes to those appointments, he feels more insecure, no matter how many times you have to tell him that he’s perfect.


That’s why you’re waiting until then to show him and tell him your story. Your accident was pretty recent, so it’s not like you’ve been like this for very long. It’s only been two months, but like you said before, it feels like it’s been your entire life. Now you know how Tavros feels. Sighing, you stare down at you wheel still stuck in the mud. Looking around and failing to see anyone who walks past, you take a deep breath and grab onto the part of your wheels that aren’t sinking into the mud. You push hard until you run out of breath, and you stop. You notice that some of it had been freed, but most of it was still stuck. Taking another deep breath, you push hard on your wheels until you hear a suckling sound, and your wheels come free. You push forward really hard, but you push down on your wheel and you come to a halt. You’re too exhausted to continue going for a stroll, so you turn around and go home. When you get there, you roll your way into the kitchen and grab a wet tablecloth, and you bend over and rub as much as the mud off as you possibly can.  When you clean off the trail you left when you came in, you sit back and just relax. You’ve lost a ton of sleep ever since the accident, since you spent most of your time in the hospital, but you can manage. Once you tell Tavros, you know he’ll be willing to help you; after all you’ve done for him in the past. His words, not yours.


You finally decide it’s time that you get a roommate. Your doctor recommended you do, but he let you go a month or two without one, and that you could call him anytime you decided whether you want one or not. He told you he would assign you one, but he knows your personality well, so you know that he won’t give you someone with an opposite personality to yours. He didn’t say that they’d live with you, and only that they’d come help you whenever you needed. You don’t mean to sound like a damsel in distress, but you don’t think you’d need them too much. Just go with you when you leave the house and stuff like that. You dialed your doctor’s number, and you talked to him for a good few minutes. After a while, he finally said he was going to send over someone named (favorite girl’s name) to meet you, and explain what she can do for you and how you can contact her. You thanked him, and then you hung up.  You attempted to make your house cleaner, and then you took a nap besides your couch.


You woke up to a knocking sound, and when you looked out the window, you saw a tall girl a year or two older than you waiting by the door. You rolled over drowsily, and you opened the door for you. “Hi” you say drowsily when you open the door, and you back away so she can walk in. “How long were you standing there?” you ask yawning, and she shakes her head. “Not for very long, I just got here” she says, walking around your living room. “Where do you want to talk?” she asks, and you point to the couches. “Either one is fine” you say, and you watch her as she sits down before you follow her. “Do you understand how this will work?” she asks you right when you come up to her, and you nod. “I think so. Is this the thing where you only live here once in a while, and then come whenever I need help?” you ask, and she nods “yes. I will be living here for about a week, and your doctor told me you like to go outside for a bit everyday. Do you need help with that?” she asked. “A little. Most of the time, I’ll be able to manage on my own, but if it’s raining too hard, I’d need help because there’s this little hole outside my neighborhood that fills itself with rainwater and dirt, and if I wait too long to leave, it’ll fill up with mud.” You explain and she nods. “But what about-” she tries to ask, when your phone rings. You roll over to it, and when you see that it’s Tavros, you pick it up right before it can ring a third time. “Hey (f/n)” he says, and you realize he sounds a little nervous, but there’s a flirtatious tone to it as well. “You’re leaving for your appointment soon, aren’t you?” you ask, and he laughs “no,” he says sarcastically, but then he stops himself “yeah. You know the routine. He’s going to put me under some medicine so I don’t feel any pain, so I won’t remember this conversation. But you know the drill” he says, and you nod, but then realize he can’t really see you. “Of course” you say, and then you hang up. You wheel back over to (favorite girl’s name), where she seems to have been waiting for you. “Was that your boyfriend?” she asks in a teasing tone of voice, and you glare at her, and then relax your face. “Yeah, he was just talking about something we we’ve been planning for a few weeks” you say, and she smiles. “That sounds nice. Now tell me more about yourself.” She says, and you sigh. “Alright. So what happened was-”


Tavros was right. This was the third time he’s called you in the past three hours, but when you tried to remind him of what he said before, he called you crazy. So you’ve been giving him all this advice, even though it’s getting harder to remember what it’s like to be able to walk on your own two feet. After getting tired of him calling hanging up and calling back every 5 minutes, you finally decide you should just suck it up and tell him. So the next time he called, the only thing you said was “Meet me at my house in a few minutes” and you hung up.


It’s raining pretty hard. You were planning on meeting him outside, but when it started down pouring, you backed closer to your garage, and when you heard the first rumble of thunder, you back into your garage and wait there. You know it takes him a while to get all the way over to your house, since he has to walk, so you watch it rain and get darker for a while. You’re about to call and ask where he is, when you see him walk up your driveway. When he gets to the top, he pauses at one of the wheelchair ramps and snorts, believing those were left over from when he was still in his wheelchair. “Tavros, I’m over here!” he shouts when he heads towards the front door, and he follows your voice until he’s standing outside of your garage. “Why did you tell me to meet here? You know I don’t like walking here because I pass a lot of people!” he says, and you nod, as you had known he was going to say this. “I know” you say, watching rain pour down onto his shoulders. “Where’s your umbrella?” you ask, and he shrugs. “I lost it and figured that it wasn’t going to get any worse than a drizzle.” He said, but then shook his head. “Nevermind that, what do you want?” he asks, and you sigh, knowing that this is the time where you have to tell him, you sigh. “Tavros” you say in a really sweet voice. “I know you hate your new legs. I know you hate that you’re shorter than everyone else. Its okay” you say, and he tilts his head to the side slightly, getting confused. “What do you mean ‘it’s okay’?” he asks. “I know how you feel” you say, and as if you summoned it yourself, lightning than flashed the whole sky, so you were visible to him. He fell back in shock, and slipped on the grass behind him. “(f/n), no” you heard him say to himself, and he stands up and runs over to you. He wraps his arms around you in a hug, and despite how cold he feels, you still hold onto him for a minute or two longer. “(f/n), I-I had no idea, I’m so sorry… please forgive me…” he stutters, and you look at him with a warm smile. “It’s okay, I don’t blame you. Follow me” you say, and before you try to roll up the ramp, he stops you. “Let me” he says, and he helps push you up the ramp.


When you get inside, he rolls you into the kitchen, and you hand him the largest towel you can find. He dries himself off as well as he can, and then he follows you as you roll yourself into the living room. “(f/n), what happened? Are you okay? Was it recent? Are-are you still in pain?” he asks all at once, and you wait for him to stop talking to answer. ‘It’s okay Tavros, I’m fine” you say, and you can see in his eyes that hearing you say that has calmed him down intensely. “Yes, it was recent, but recent like a month or two ago. It certainly wasn’t yesterday” you say, and you can tell he’s trying to laugh but can’t because he’s in too much emotional pain. “What happened?” he asked, and you figured it was time to tell someone the full story. You looked him in the eyes, and started talking when you were sure you had his full attention. “It was about three months ago.  Me and my friend were driving somewhere, and we were running a little late. So my friend sped up a little, not to much, and then had to slam on the breaks a few minutes later. She was stuck behind a drunk driver, and he was swerving harder and faster than I’d ever seen in my entire life. So she honked at him, and he tried to slow down. Something happened that I don’t remember though, because suddenly he was spinning towards us. My friend was trying to get around him, but just as we were about to pass him, he smashed directly into my side of the car. I was knocked unconscious for a good few hours, maybe even a few days. I was told I was the luckiest person in the world to have survived an injury like that, but I did suffer some major consequences. I had a terrible concussion, and I was told that I could never walk again. My friend kept blaming herself, but all the doctors were telling her that if it weren’t for her, I could be dead. I wasn’t sure if they meant because of something she did after I was knocked out, or being able to spin and swerve out of the way fast enough so they didn’t smash directly into the front of the car, which would’ve killed us both” you say, and when you look away from his eyes, you can tell he’s shaking. “I’m okay now though” you say to reassure him, but you can tell he’s still thinking of what happened “And you didn’t see who it was?” he asked, and you shook your head no. “I know how much you love me and how much you want to help, Tavros, but there’s not much you can do about it now” you say sadly, and he sits back down on the couch trying to calm down. “I understand” he says, and you roll as closely to him as you can get. “You’re still the best matesprit anyone could ask for” you say, and he nods silently. “Which is why I think you should move in with me. You’ve had all the experience about this kind of thing, and it’s obvious that you love me more than anything else.” You say, and he lights up. “So what do you say?” you ask happily. “You wanna be my permanent roommate?” you ask, and you can tell that he’s crying, but this time with happiness.

“Yes” he says, and he leans over and hugs you.

“Now come on and head down to that café you always take me to when I’m insecure about myself. You need this more than me” he adds, and he kisses your forehead before helping you out the door. You hand him a spare umbrella, and he opens it and holds it over you so you can stay dry on the way to the café.

“Same time next week?” you ask, and he laughs.



I must really like to torture you guys, because first I give you cancer and kill you off and now I completely rip apart your ability to walk and do things properly. I'm a great person. But hey, at least you weren't killed! (but maybe your friend did, that's your decision)
I've had this idea for a long time now, but I first I got the idea for the Karkat one, and then I had to write that Karezi fan fiction as a prize for a contest I donated to
This is the first fic I've done in a while in which I didn't procrastinate it for 6 hours straight :D
either way it still took me two hours, and I think the end may be a little rushed, but if you love him enough you'd understand that he would be very understanding and sweet to you if this was a thing that actually happened

Homestuck and Tavros belong to  Andrew Hussie
You Belong to Yourself

:heart: Enjoy!!! :heart:
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Ugh, I haven't had time to read the whole thing, but it's good so far!
Only critique is, likely not going to have hospitals in Alternia; if you're paralyzed, they'll just cull you. Still, who gives a crap? This is great, and I'm not even done reading! ^_^
puppylover41925 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
This story takes place on earth
all my fan fictions take place on earth
I've had to explain 6 million times that all my fan fictions follow a SBURB/SGRUB never happened and never will
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