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Welp. This has been on the front page for as long as I can remember, but I only decided to write a critique now. This is really beautif...

May I have this dance? by LaTameh
by LaTameh

Although Gwent is one of my favorite ships in the Total Drama fandom, I do think a little bit more should have been put into the backgr...

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It's important that I mention you have created one fairly incredible work of art .Your method of putting your thoughts into your art is...

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Wow. Words can't even begin to explain how beautiful this is. the colors of the room in the background are absolutely stunning. The lig...

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Just your average Karezi Shipper
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United States
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Hi! I'm puppylover41925, but I go by any nickname people can come up with for me.

Classic Spyro Stamp by RadSpyro :heart:

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Tumblr: chocolate-covered-feels.tumblr…

What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
Hosted By Anime
Nepeta Leijon
Nepeta Leijon
Take What Homestuck character are you? today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.</p>
Nepeta likes friendly roleplaying (which was said quite a while ago), though not the dangerous kind that caused a certain accident to a couple of people. She has a naive view of everything. She lives in a cave and hunts and eats animals, then wears their fur and paints with their blood. In fact, she uses this blood along with soot and ash to create wall art, such as story boards for a comic and her shipping wall.

Nepeta seems to have a lot of similarities with Kanaya, which may or may not be significant. Both of them are - despite Andrew's noted lack of perfect analogues - the most similar to Jade of the trolls. Both of them are also green-blooded middle-caste trolls with friends on either side of the blood spectrum whose relationships are observed and moderated to some degree (Kanaya is the meddler, and Nepeta keeps a shipping wall while being generally agreeable to everyone). Nepeta was the one to see Aradia and Equius's kiss, and Kanaya was the one to see Vriska kiss a helpless Tavros. Although Kanaya reacted with shock (due to her mating fondness for Vriska), Nepeta just updated her shipping wall.


:Erifef by KK-KiranKarTer Stamp by kurmariRobStar by AskSkyUmm... What the hell is this. by schwarzekatze4

Happy 4/13 my Homestuck babies, I hope this has been the best day of your lives and I love you all okay just remember that

I'm super duper glad Homestuck didn't update today, even though 99% knew he wasn't going to. I totally would've written this for you guys earlier but I've been having so much fun on Gigapause that I guess I forgot to. Oh well *shrugs*

ALSO: have you guys seen Paradox Space yet? it's a super cool new web comic based on Homestuck that just uploaded its first six pages today! it's gonna be a webcomic that's gonna answers a lot of unanswered questions and prove and destroy a lot of headcanons and stuff. it's in a really adorable style, and it has its own website, so you don't have to go through some boring fan fiction website to find it!

and the best part is?

ANDREW HUSSIE IS IN CHARGE OF IT! have you heard those rumors about a new comic he's making after/during Homestuck? well guess what my friend, Paradox Space is that web comic! the first story is about John, and it's only about five pages long so far, but like I said, it's in a super adorable art style. Hussie said (on the PS website) that he won't be uploading the final flash for a loooooong time, so I guess Paradox Space is what he's giving us while we wait!

But seriously guys, this is my 3rd and very possible last 4/13 with you guys and I want to say thank you because 4/13 has become like a second birthday for me and you guys are my closest friends and I don't know where I'd be without you guys! so who cares if it's already almost 8:30?  celebrate 4/13 for the whole week if you want to! Make a sopor pie, drink some faygo, and cosplay as much as you want! this is our day and it belongs to us and us only.

Who cares if Homestuck is ending? there's a possibility that the final flash won't be up until next year! don't make yourself sad today just because this is the last one, go out and treat it like your first, you deserve to be happy.

I adore you all to pieces, and I hope we can all talk about Homestuck and cosplay and be friends years after it ends!

Happy Birthday to John Egbert, Jane Crocker, Bec, and any Homestuck fan out there lucky enough to have their birthday today

and Happy 5 year Anniversary/Birthday to Homestuck, the best thing to ever happen to me. I love everything about you, and I'll never stop being a fan. 

Andrew Hussie, I'm counting on you to make me feel the same about Paradox Space. don't let me or any of the other fans down! We love you! :heart:
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Song fic (with your choice of it being a Reader insert or not): :25 points:

1. Chapter 3 of the Prospitcest fanfiction for xXDead-SkiesXx

any commissions requested will be put at the top of the list, and any ideas I get for Reader Inserts are placed at the bottom of the list

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AkiraTwo 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the watch q_q
puppylover41925 5 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
you're welcome uvu
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Question: How do I put gifs on my webcam? I can't seem to do it...
puppylover41925 Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
you have to go on to the GIF's actual website, copy the URL, and paste it onto your webcam. You can't do it from your picture folder you have to do it from another website

*feels like a genuine stalker*
But seriously you have to see this.
puppylover41925 Apr 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Sweet! I found this really cool thing I thought you'd see, it's the pilot for this really cool new anime that I thought you'd like.… :)
That was beautiful. :happycry:
puppylover41925 Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
did you watch the whole thing?
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The Zodiac Signs in a Horror Movie.
It's hilarious if applied to the Homestuck trolls (except for Leo...just, that one was cruel. Accurate, but cruel). Read the one for Capricorn. XD
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